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Why should we choose to use milk, cream and sugar dispensers instead of keeping our traditional creamers and sugar packets? See the advantages, not only for you but also for your staff and your customers:

Your advantages

you lower your operation costs by using bulk instead of individual packaging;
spoilage and theft reduction;
more productive staff: they can use their time better if they don’t have to watch the coffee counter and clean all the time;
dairy products waste eliminated;
faster customer service;
enhances the image of your coffee break area;
to your convenience, no need of electricity;
one step more towards the “green” attitude wich attracts more
and more environmentaly awared customers. an asset to green (ecological) marketing.

For your staff

less time lost in keeping an eye on the coffee spot, cleaning and refilling;
faster customer service due to the fact of lowering the coffee preparation time;
dispensers only need to be refilled when empty (takes a minute) and the containers need to be cleaned once a day for hygiene concerns;
easy to fill, maintain and clean.

Advantages For your customers

Fast and user friendly dispensers;
customers can make their coffee the way they want;
avoids the individual packaging inconvenient: dirt, lost time, waiting lines;
eliminates the “out of date” or “not fresh or cold enough” fears.