Thermoelectric Cream & Milk dispenser

Thermoelectric Cream & Milk dispenser

  • Each dispenser is equiped with two quick refill containers on a base, cover, dispensing unit and drip tray with s/s grid.
  • Outside made of ABS extra resistant plastic. Inside, ABS plastic with thermos insulation.
  • 1 year parts and labor warranty.
  • Front picture can be customized to fit your environment.
  • Using containers keeps you independant from dairy suppliers.
  • No portion control: your customer can choose the dosage.
  • This dispenser can also dispense milk glasses and a variety ofnon-concentrated juices (4.3 litres).
Électricity : 115V
Cooled by: thermoelectric unit. Temp. complying with hygiene rules (around 40F).
Dimensions:27” 1/2 H

8” 1/4 W

11 “ 1/2 D

(70cm H, 21cm W, 29cm D)

Weight:24,5 pounds / 11 kilos
Standard capacity:2 X 2.7 litres = 5.4 litres

(5 pints)

(540 X 10ml creamers)



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