Sugar Dispenser

Sugar Dispenser

  • Each dispenser is equiped with a condiment top (for sweeteners and stir sticks), the dispensing unit, a drip tray with s/s grid and an anti-jam s/s grid.
  • With portion control if wanted (one spoon per full push).
  • Outside and inside made of ABS extra resistant plastic.
  • Cheminee concept to avoid sugar blockage caused by steam.
  • 1 year parts and labor warranty.
  • Front picture can be customized to fit your environment.
  • Standard picture available for both white and brown sugar.
Dimensions :27” 1/2 H

7” L

9 5/8″ P

(70cm H, 18cm L, 24,5cm P)

Weight :
9 pounds / 4 kilos
Standard capacity :
11 pounds / 5 kilos(1200 packets)
No electricity required



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